Rapper Events


DERT - the Dancing England Rapper Tournament - is the main rapper competition in the UK. It runs annually and the venue varies from year to year, as does the organising committee, usually based around a rapper team. Next year's competition will be held in Manchester on the 12th March. The following links provide more information:


There is now the Dancing America Rapper Tournament, a rapper competition based on DERT to be held in in October or November. The first event was in Boston in 2010, and most recent was also in Boston this year.

Sword Spectacular

The Sword Spectacular was an occasional event covering all forms of linked sword dancing, including the rapper and longsword dances, as well as linked sword dances from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the Basque Country. It was first held in Scarborough in 1996, and has since been held in Whitby in 1998, 2000 and 2004. The most recent was in York in 2008.

Folk Festivals

Rapper teams are found performing at Folk Festivals in the UK throughout the summer, and also more occasionally at Folk Festivals in the USA. Festivals where you are almost certain to see one or more rapper teams include:

If you are organising a festival at which a rapper side will be performing, and you would like a link here, then please contact webmaster @ rapper.org.uk