The historical information contained in this site is derived from a number of sources. Many of these are listed in the bibliography and online archive sections, but the most important sources include the following:

  • Various articles published in the JEFDSS, EFDS News, EDS and Folk Music Journal
  • George Wallace's book Fit to jump ower the moon and articles in The NUT
  • Bill Cassie's various publications on rapper, including those in EFDSS journals
  • E C Cawte's article on the history of rapper, published in the Folk Music Journal in 1981
  • Phil Heaton's various articles published in The NUT
  • The holdings of the Robinson Library, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • The holdings of the Murray Library, University of Sunderland
  • Local archives at the Central Library, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • The Beamish Museum
  • The Durham Mining Museum
  • The Folk Archive North-East (FARNE)

Historical photographs used on the site are mainly from the above sources, and modern photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.